Many parents are concerned their teens may be experiencing anxiety or depression.

But they’re also not sure if this is just ‘normal’ teen behaviour.

It’s time to take the First steps

First Steps is a series of video lessons, delivered over four days that will help you answer the question “Should I be worried?” and give you strategies to start helping you help your teen.

The course covers strategies to manage common problems that you might be seeing in your teen, including:

Building bridges

Keeping your teen in contact with the rest of the world

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It’s time to get support

  • Practical, realistic strategies that work
  • Start on the road to recovery
  • Get clear direction about what to do next
  • Take action

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  • Neuro Linguistic Practitioner
  • Australia New Zealand Coaching Alliance (ANZCAL) Accredited Coach
  • Postgrad Certificate in Educational Leadership
  • Bachelor of Arts
    Diploma of Teaching

Parenting teens is hard at the best of times. And finding help to support you to help your child get through anxiety and depression shouldn’t be difficult.

It’s time to get the support you need to help your teen recover from anxiety and depression and get back to being a great family.