A problem shared is a problem halved, and in a small group, you’ll connect with others in similar positions

Bit by Bit is a combined online course and group coaching sessions delivered over four weeks that gives you the strategies and support you need to help your teen start on recovery.

It can be hard to be the parent of a teen with anxiety or depression. The rule book has gone out of the window. This is not what you were expecting.

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"The most proactive thing you can do if you're in this situation is to reach out and talk to other people who've been through something similar, or who are going through something similar. All of a sudden, you’re not alone anymore."

~ Melanie Medland, Moving Through

You’ll find a way forward for you, your teen and your family. So when you need results, fast, and want a guide to help you through the mental-health minefield, join Bit by Bit and get the help you need to support your teen with anxiety and depression.

In small-group coaching for parents and carers, we cover strategies to manage common problems that you might be seeing in your teen.

  • Help your teen work through and understand the things that are happening in their head
  • Learn how to take charge of the crisis that is consuming your teenager
  • Strengthen the healing process
  • Be a proactive parent
  • Connect with your teen as you learn together

It’s time to get support

  • Fill our parenting toolbox: learn specific strategies
  • Learn practical lessons
  • Be part of a caring support group of other parents who are facing similar issues
  • Be empowered, know what you’re facing and do something about it
  • Work with your teens to get them better, faster

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