Social Anxiety and Teenagers

We all know friends are an important, if not the most important, part of being a teenager. All adolescents crave acceptance into their peer groups. It’s a normal part of growing up and we’re biologically hardwired to gravitate to others our own age. During adolescence, our brains change from the spongy, absorb-everything-mode of childhood to […]

5 Steps to Communicating With Your Teen

There’s a parenting belief I’d like to bust wide open. The belief is: “Teenagers are hard to talk to.”  And that’s simply not true.  Let’s reframe it right now. The new angle on this unhelpful belief is: “Teenagers are different beings to talk to from when they were little.”  I agree, the easy communication you […]

Five Parenting Tips for When Your Teenager is Anxious and Depressed

Our mindset ALWAYS matters. It affects the way we get through our days, weeks, months and lives, and it also affects the way our families get through their days, weeks, months and lives. Even though you are the parent, parenting is never just about you.  And the stakes are even higher when you find yourself […]

Questions to Ask Your Teen’s Therapist

Your teenager is having a hard time. You recognise they need help. Together you’ve tried a few things and so far, it appears that nothing is working.  You get them to the Doctor. The Doctor suggests medication, and therapy. Good therapy will be a game changer for your teenager. A good therapist, counsellor or coach […]

Medication for Teen Anxiety & Depression: What to Know and Extra Tips

Remember that old saying, “There’s no such thing as a magic pill”? It’s true. There isn’t.  Getting better from illness, any illness, takes a combination of factors of which medication is just one. And it would also be fair to speculate that the fitter the patient, with a great mental attitude, the better the medication […]

Taking Care of You: 5 Self Care Practices for Difficult Times

When your teenager is battling anxiety and depression, the world can feel like a lonely and scary place. I know this. I’ve been there. All my thoughts (naturally enough) were around her battle and how I could help her. Which meant … I wasn’t sleeping. Or eating properly. Much less doing any exercise. The things […]

Is my teenager a suicide risk?

The answer to this sad and shocking question is, you can’t ever know for sure. You may have all the supports in place and still lose them. Suicide is complicated. There is no ‘One Size Fits All’ solution. When you are taking the time to think about the answer to this heartbreaking question, there are […]

Anxiety & Depression: How can my Teenager’s School help?

When your teen has been diagnosed with anxiety or depression, it’s worth spending some time thinking about how different areas of their life may be able to support them. School is an important consideration because it’s where teens spend most of their days. School is a place to promote sticking with as it meets both […]

How do I get my Teenager to Talk to me?

We’ve been warned about it for years: “Wait until they’re a teenager.” And the implied difficulty of challenges ahead of us in the teen years. It’s partly the role of adolescence in a human body. That you will become your own person. Every human being on the planet past the age of 20 has officially […]

How to Support Teens Long Term, as they Recover from Anxiety and Depression

It may feel as if your once cute and adorable child has suddenly flicked a switch, turning overnight into a grunting mass of moodiness and hormones. And you may be wondering just who this stranger is living in your midst. Underneath all the teenage angst is the child they once were. They’re struggling themselves to […]