5 Tips To Make Going Back To School Easier For Teens

5 Tips To Make Going Back To School Easier For Teens

2021 is the year we collectively hope we can get back to ‘normal’, and for our teenagers that means SCHOOL. Some teens will be happy to head back to school – hooray – while others may take a while to warm up to the whole idea. Either reaction is okay, just make sure you’ve got […]

I have unresolved trauma in my past. Will this affect the way I parent my teen?

Does Unresolved Trauma from my Past Affect How I Parent?

According to Google, trauma is a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. It’s my best guess that 99.9% of us have something we’d much prefer hadn’t happened. Life happened and, either, we haven’t dealt with it. Or, we’ve dealt with it and it’s back.   It’s not like you chose the trauma Trauma is never something you […]

How Group Coaching Works for Parents of Teens with Anxiety and Depression

How Group Coaching Works for Parents of Teens with Anxiety and Depression

How is group coaching beneficial to me? Parenting teens is hard at the best of times. And part of the hard is the uncertainty. Parents know teenagers are still growing their brains and developing that crucial decision making part that lets them consider their choices and make well thought out decisions instead of impulsive calls […]

How to Manage Family Stress Over Christmas and the Holidays

Christmas and holidays are potentially a triggering time for teenagers who are trapped in an anxiety or depression tangle. Mass gatherings of relatives can be a difficult and trying time for them as they work to figure out how they fit into this larger, extended family. It’s important for parents to be reflective of the […]

How can I Help my Teenager now They’re Getting Better From Anxiety and Depression?

And now, you know, they’ve got this. And if they don’t, you’ve got them. They know how to tell you that, and you know how to read them. You get to enjoy that relationship, safe in the knowledge that they’re learning about themselves and you’re there to support them when they need it.

How can Group Coaching Help me Support my Teenager Through Anxiety and Depression?

Group coaching not only gives you the chance to learn some new and up to date skills, it also allows you to to practice these skills with other parents who are learning beside you.

Anxiety, Depression and Making Sure Your Teenager Doesn’t Fall Behind at School

It’s essential to keep the school in the loop about what’s going on. Schools have changed over the years, and there are some big differences that can help keep our teenagers engaged.